Building the Future

Life Unleashed

Amanda Riggan’s lifelong dedication to helping others has been a driving force in her journey. However, in 2018, during her usual route as a delivery driver, she engaged in a remarkable conversation with someone in need. This encounter not only ignited a viral sensation but spread a profoundly inspiring message to countless individuals across the nation.

Girl with large brim hat sitting on the ground in front of a white brick wall wearing green ripped pants and a tan shirt with a full sleeve of tattoos.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Riggan is a genuine hero and has devoted her life to supporting the individuals who serve our communities. As the founder and Executive Director of Hungry Heroes, Inc., Amanda’s mission has touched the lives of thousands of first responders, military personnel, and veterans throughout the United States through sharing a meal and camaraderie, expressing gratitude for their selfless service.

Amanda’s remarkable work has garnered attention on prominent platforms such as the Steve Harvey Show, Fox 46, and Gordon Ramsey’s “Summer of Gordon.” Her list of accolades includes the York County “One’s to Watch” award, the Hometown Hero Award, the South Carolina Congressional Award, and her esteemed role as a Traeger and Ford F-150 brand ambassador.

“If you’re not moving your feet, you’re standing still. And we aren’t here for that.”

Amanda Riggan

Woman sitting in front of a white brick wall with a tan hat and long sleeve sage green shirt and jeans with brown boots smiling

Making a differnce

Believing in Purpose

Driven by a deep call to spread Christ’s message of hope and unity, Amanda focuses on serving those often overlooked or underappreciated in our communities. Her inspiring leadership and captivating testimony help others discover their purpose and step into the destiny God has for their life.

Locking arms together

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Life is hard… really hard! But we are not alone in the hard moments. We have a loving Heavenly Father who watches over us and takes care of us every day. We also need others to lock arms with, and when things are tough, we know we can count on one another to cry together, pray together, and encourage one another to His glory! I am a product of His purpose and so are you!

Love Y’all- Amanda.